Message from the Learning Environments Australasia Chair

On behalf of Learning Environments Australasia I welcome you to our 2016 regional conference. 

This year, we return to the fair city of Melbourne where in 2001 our very first conference was hosted at the University of Melbourne’s Graduate School of Education.  Since that event, we have experienced a steady trajectory of transformation in education, both in philosophical and design approaches, across our region generally and most particularly in the State of Victoria.  Today, education design and pedagogy are inextricably inter-twined in an exciting dynamic of possibilities, innovation and collaboration.

In this conference, you will certainly see, experience and participate in that innovation.  You will be inspired by exceptional speakers, challenged in thought-provoking workshops and be immersed in some of the State’s most innovative education settings.  Most importantly, you will share many opportunities to exchange your experiences with colleagues from across our region.    

Our Melbourne conference team has prepared an exciting and provocative programme around the theme of “exchange”.  The theme both assumes change and promotes exchange and it provides a superb springboard to challenge, explore and share ideas in contemporary education and design.      

Learning Environments Australasia has been at the forefront of change in education environments in the region.  Supported by thought leaders in industry and government, within education authorities and in schools, our organisation thrives in its sole mission to improve the places where students learn.    

So I encourage you to support us in that mission and to join with your colleagues and “exchange” with us in Melbourne.  It will be a great place to strengthen relationships, make valuable networking connections, to learn and to share expertise.  

Through the generous support of our friends, members, partners and sponsors, Learning Environments Australasia is delighted to make this opportunity possible.

I look forward to seeing you all in Melbourne.


Richard Leonard
Learning Environments Australasia

This page last updated: Sunday 2 August 2015