Tour 10

This Site Visit is proudly sponsored by Woods Furniture

Theme:  Theory & Practice: A Constant Dialogue and Process of Innovation

Sites:      Princes Hill Primary School

Designers:  Mary Featherston

As a single stop tour, this visit will provide delegates with the opportunity to explore the site in depth through interactive discussion and presentation involving educators, designers and students.

As with most schools, Princes Hill Primary is an accumulation of temporary and permanent buildings spanning many decades. Undergoing gradual refurbishment, these buildings and surrounding external environments are developing into more convivial, creative and functional environments for young people and their teachers.

School leadership believes that effective design grows out of an understanding of a school’s educational philosophy and the way that that is interpreted in learning, teaching and organisation. Every aspect of design – spatial organisation, furnishings and loose resources - can then contribute to a holistic, supportive environment.

Over the past six years the school community has been steadily adopting and adapting an educational approach which is now referred to as ‘Collective Inquiry’. Essentially this approach sees learning as social, and that the role of school education is to link children’s ‘informal’ knowledge – from their everyday lived experiences – to the rich fields of disciplinary/ ‘formal’ skills and knowledge.

The educational experience of Princes Hill Primary School is a constantly evolving and participative project that learns from the ideas and experiences of others. During this in-depth site visit delegates will explore the relationship between educational, socio-cultural theory and practice, and see how this has translated into purposefully designed spaces and settings through multiple stages of refurbishment

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