Tour 11

This site visit is proudly sponsored by Sebel

Theme:   Then & Now - Evolving Pedagogy and Place

Sites:       Dandenong High School

Designers:   Hayball

As a single stop tour, this visit will provide delegates with the opportunity to explore the site in depth through interactive discussion and presentation involving educators, designers and students.

Established in 1919, Dandenong High School is one of the oldest, largest and most culturally diverse schools in Victoria. A coeducational secondary school, Dandenong High has an enrolment of approximately 2,000 students, encompassing 77 nationalities and 83 dif ferent language groups.

In 2007, the school commenced a long journey of redevelopment, starting with the redefinition of its curriculum, its pedagogy and, finally, the facilities that would support its new education model. Over several stages of development, the school has now evolved into a national and international exemplar, recognised for its innovative educational approach and multi award winning buildings.

At Dandenong High School, student learning is structured around a collaborative teaching and learning model based in seven identical House buildings; each containing purposefully designed learning spaces. These spaces allow for diverse and innovative learning experiences to take place, with a strong emphasis on collaborative learning.

This site visit will elaborate on the school’s evolutionary journey, explaining their innovative pedagogical approach and discussing how the facilities have been designed purposefully to support their curriculum and have since evolved over time.





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