Tour 13

Theme:   Local & Global - Technology and Global Connectedness

Sites:     Swinburne University Advanced Technology Centre, Swinburne Secondary College

Designers:   H2O Architects; Fred Buono Architects

Swinburne University is a large multi-sector and multi campus institution with a stated mission to operate as a pre-eminent entrepreneurial university within the Asia Pacific, thriving on new ideas, innovation and knowledge and building on its inter-sector heritage to create value for its stakeholders. The Advanced Technologies Centre consists of 19,000 square metres of f loor space for teaching and research. The development is conceived as single facility with four distinct elements configured within two separated ten level towers. A Nanoplasmonics Facility is accommodated in a basement that occupies the entire site. The ground level is transparent and incorporates an elliptically shaped, glazed auditorium, while an Engineering Testing Laboratory is deliberately located facing the street to showcase Swinburne to the public. Designed as a mixed mode facility, it operates with natural ventilation for approximately 35 per cent of the year. The building has been awarded a f ive star Green Star Rating.

Underpinning the design, a pedagogical brief that stretched the educator and designer’s imagination, pushed the boundaries of industry partnerships and bought the world a little closer to a shared collaborative global learning platform. As a consequence tertiary staff are responding to change with creativity and enthusiasm, the students are captivated in their learning effort and attainment.

Swinburne Secondary College is a Year 11 and 12 College that has a strong creative arts focus. The campus is the smallest secondary college campus in Victoria, accommodating up to 500 students. While visually competing with its neighbor Swinburne University, the students at this unique secondary college thrive in the innovative, creative and aspirational environment. The ‘sculptured’ mini-university style building promotes student-centered, unstructured learning through discovery and collaboration – it is a ‘cool’ artistic place to be. With a strong emphasis on community connectedness through the creative arts, an eclectic mix of young and adult learners is warmly welcomed from the street into the campus, day and night. The artistically expressive lighting of the buildings at night has been designed to extend the college’s artistic image to the community, as well as to provide a safe and stimulating night environment. Many of the college facilities such as the small cottage theatre, art gallery and auditorium regularly host college and local art shows and productions.

In addition community creative arts groups such as local brass bands, live theatre and children’s arts groups frequent the facility ‘after school hours’. This building truly promotes the notion of life-long learning for all.

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