Tour 14

Theme:    Them & Us - Architects and Educators Working Together

Sites:      Suzanne Cory High School, Wyndam Vale Primary School

Designers:  Brand Architects, Haskell Architects

Suzanne Cory High School is a select entry school. While academia takes centre stage, it is recognised that learning happens everywhere and takes many forms.

An Agora and connected outdoor learning gardens are well frequented by the occupants of the site. The learning of environmental sciences is enhanced by the fact that students can relate to a design that enabled the school to earn a 5 Green Star Rating. Boosting the quality of both the indoor and outdoor environment has helped lift student and community expectations, demonstrating the importance of considering outdoor landscapes for teaching, learning, engagement and wellbeing.

Wyndham Vale Primary School’s design and pedagogical brief included a school that supported 21st Century interdisciplinary learning across a broad curriculum, and one that provided a civic presence in a residentially dominated area.

This was to be done before a principal had been appointed! So what was the approach? A project reference group was established, made up of planning committee members from local schools, a project manager, an educational consultant and the architectural team. Key to the success of this process was understanding the specific needs of the local community within which the new school sat, and thus identifying the key learning objectives for the future student body, including interdisciplinary learning, which was interpreted as student’s creating and translating ideas that make linkages to real life experiences. The school showcases spaces for student’s different ways of thinking, solving problems and communicating. Inclusion and diversity are celebrated in the pedagogy and design, facilitating the use of a range of technologies to plan, analyse, evaluate and present student and teacher learning activities. A true collaboration between Them & Us.


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