Tour 16

Theme:  This & That - Interdisciplinary Learning

Site:        Marian College; Catholic Regional College

Designers:  Minx Architecture. Henderson & Lodge

The design warehouse, food technology facility and edible garden at Marian College provides pathways for girls to explore opportunities within the Design and Technology curriculum. This integrated hands-on approach to learning provides a myriad of ways for students to transfer and contextualise the learnings from multiple faculty areas while embedding, deepening and further exploring new knowledge and ideas. The pedagogy is supported by wet and dry multi- materials, gallery, exhibition, gathering and catering spaces enabling interdisciplinary learning. Hands on experience and exposure to real life practice by merging traditional key learning areas is central to the design warehouse and food technology concept.

At Catholic Regional College it is recognised that choosing a career is a challenging task. Dif ferent jobs satisfy people in dif ferent ways and for most people there is not one right job, but several jobs they are capable of doing and would gain satisfaction from. Whatever job or career path is chosen, there is a need to base decisions on a good understanding of the individual, the world of work and knowledge of the training/education pathways. The design of Catholic Regional College connects strongly with the pedagogical brief, which strives to provide exemplar educational experiences and outcomes. The two story facility seamlessly integrates into the existing Student Services building, tying ef fortlessly into the College’s existing fabric via a central courtyard, bounded by the Administration wing. The facility features three new training kitchens, multimedia rooms, timber framing workshops and machinery, and a multipurpose theatre with retractable seating.

All facilities house exciting commercial enterprises which are run by students and open to the general public. These include: Quatrefoils Restaurant, Sydsigns (Signmaking Shop), CRC Bakery and Patisserie (Bakery), Frames @ CRC (Picture Framing Shop) and The Crate Theatre. A truly innovative and inspirational site to visit.

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