Tour 3

Theme:   Time & Space, Unlocking the timetable

Sites:       Swanston Academic Building,RMIT;  Elizabeth Blackburn School of Sciences; The University High School

Designers:   Lyons, ClarkeHopkinsClarke

The Swanston Academic Building at RMIT is a world-class learning and teaching facility in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD. Its sustainable and innovative design has been praised by students, staff and visitors, and has won several prestigious global awards since the opening in July 2012. The facility demonstrates RMIT’s commitment to design excellence, its unique world leading vision of a ‘generation next’ vertical campus, and demonstrates new ground in learning space innovation and timetabling.

The Elizabeth Blackburn School of Sciences is an exemplar of a tertiary-style, high school learning environment that encourages students to learn independently in a science-rich environment. This tour will explore how curriculum and timetable analysis lead to ef f iciencies in teaching, new learning methodologies and what can be achieved with a proactive group of stakeholders willing to challenge the status quo. It will also discuss how the design of the school supports independent and experiential learning, collaboration and mentoring programs with partners The University of Melbourne, Bio21 Institute and The University High School.

Ongoing research into teaching techniques by the Masters of Teachers Program and PhD students from The University of Melbourne will also be explored.

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