Tour 4

Royal Children's Hospital site visit is proudly sponsored by Marshall Day Acoustics.

Theme:    Time & Space. Unlocking the Timetable       Symbols:   Early Learning Centre, Public Place

Sites:        Growing Wild, Melbourne Zoo;  Royal Children’s Hospital

Designers:  Billard Leece Partnership and Bates Smart;  Jeavons Landscape Architects in collaboration with Clarke Hopkins Clarke and Arterial Design

The Royal Children's Hospital in Parkville incorporates the latest evidence-based design principles to enhance healing outcomes. Inspired by its site and surrounds, bringing the outside in calms and soothes the occupants. The environment seeks to create a family centred design approach responding to the emotional needs of children. The lived experience in the environment enhances patient experience and recovery rates. Learning happens everywhere at the Royal Children's Hospital; evidence of learning opportunities can be seen from many viewpoints.

The Growing Wild precinct at Melbourne Zoo is a play and learning space aimed at connecting children and their families with and through the medium of nature. It is a series of interactive spaces designed for children aged eight years and under, their families and carers. By immersing them in a playful way with animals and plants, encouraging hands on engagement, and backing this up with fun playful educational experiences, Growing Wild aims to build a committed community for whom conservation action will become second nature throughout their lives. The design evokes the atmosphere of the diverse natural habitats of animals and invites children to play alongside the creatures such as meerkats, giant tortoise, bush turkeys, reptiles and insects. Learning happens in spaces and places that teach children and their carers the tenets of our natural living world.

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