Tour 6

This site visit is proudly sponsored by Interface Flor and AES

Theme:    Community & School -   Connecting Beyond the School Gates

Site:         Officer Education Hub

Designers:   ClarkeHopkinsClarke

This education and community hub is a network of people more than a cluster of buildings. This site visit interrogates the impact of community engagement and debates where a school’s boundaries really lie.

Officer Education Hub includes a specialist school and secondary school, integrated to operate as a single community resource. Officer Secondary College incorporates a community hub 3-courtstadium, performing arts and community rooms developed as a joint venture with Cardinia Shire Council. Together these spaces form a welcoming community focal point. The Officer Specialist School is gently and strategically placed with the intention of promoting awareness and acceptance of people of all abilities. The intersection of space, place and pedagogy enhance inclusion of all who frequent the site.

The architectural and pedagogical design of the schools and community hub exemplify how school facilities can be shared and co-funded by external organisations and community groups to maximise the intent of the brief, in this case community connectedness, exemplar education and involvement in life-long learning. The Officer Education Hub has increased opportunities for inclusion of a diversity of students and adults in these innovative and welcoming community and school-based learning environments.

This page last updated: Wednesday 10 February 2016