The Mayfield Project

The Mayfield Project is a collaborative research program coordinated by Learning Environments Australasia.

Its purpose is to support passionate, young professionals working in the education and design sectors in research activity that links educational practice and the built environment.

Established in memory of the late John Mayfield, the project aims to raise awareness of new ways to plan, design, deliver and manage learning environments. John had a great capacity to bring people together to share ideas, and was never thwarted by barriers of language, culture, nationality or geography. The program holds to these ideals, engaging young professionals in cross-disciplinary research and networked collaboration.

In 2016, project participants from Australia, New Zealand, and for the f irst time Singapore, will come together for a three day incubator workshop in the lead-up to the conference. Facilitated by NoTosh, participants will workshop issued concerning the future of education, challenging each other in an exchange of ideas.

The findings of the project will be presented by the research team on the Monday of the conference. We look forward to seeing the outcomes of this exciting program, which we hope will cause the rest of us to question established practices and engage in further debate about the issues raised.

The 2016 Mayfield Project is coordinated by Peter Moeck, Lisa Horton and Lynette Julian.

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This page last updated: Monday 8 February 2016