Prof. Richard Elmore

Keynote Presenter: The Future of Learning in Space and Time

Gregory Anrig Research Professor, Harvard Graduate School of Education

Richard Elmore is Gregory Anrig Research Professor at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, where he has been on the faculty since 1990, teaching courses in politics, policy, strategy, organizational studies, and instructional improvement. His publications include School Reform from the Inside Out and Instructional Rounds (coauthor). His current work includes consulting on leadership and instructional improvement with Generation Ready, a professional development, coaching, and consulting

organization, and with Fielding/Nair an international architecture and design firm on the design of innovative learning environments for adults and children. He is currently involved in learning design and developmentprojects in China, Mexico, and Chile, as well as the United States. He has an active arts practice in photography, drawing, and painting.

ABSTRACT: Some things we know about the future of learning, some things we don’t. Among the things we know, with some degree of certainty, are that learning has already escaped the bounds of institutionalized education; that decisions about what is worth learning, and how, are increasingly in the hands of individuals, not in the hands of public authorities; and that networks are far more ef f icient structures for the transmission of learning than hierarchies. Among the things we don’t know are how to address the social concerns that arise from the separation of learning from institutionalized schooling; how learning in its newer forms can promote or undermine social cohesion and collective goals; and how to design purposeful solutions to the challenges posed by the future of learning. How can we merge our knowledge of physical design of learning spaces with our knowledge of learning as an individual and social activity to develop powerful new environments for learning?

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