Sarah Martin

Focusing on What Matters: Realising a Vision for Learning

Principal, Stonefields School, NZ

Sarah is currently the Foundation Principal of Stonefields School in Auckland, which opened in 2011. She is an enthusiastic, passionate, forward thinking educator with a real commitment to improving outcomes for all learners. She has held leadership roles in a number of schools. As both a teacher and leader, she has a particular strength in collectively building change momentum, enabling collaborative high functioning teams, future visioning, embracing student voice and re- imagining what learning matters.

ABSTRACT: Today, the exchange of ideas about what is taught, how it is taught and where learning best takes place is challenging accepted theories of education and established norms in schools. Embracing collaborative practices, digital tools and the affordances of new learning spaces has led to the abandonment of many aspects of traditional schooling at Stonefields School in Auckland, New Zealand. Thinking forward has become a way of being.

At Stonefields School, courageous teachers work collaboratively to pursue opportunities to challenge past practices, inquire and ‘make stuf f better’ for learners. Through conscious leadership work, contemporary practices have been developed through the mobilisation of people through actively establishing ef fective teams, listening sincerely to learners’ voices and growing community engagement.

This presentation will delve into the highs and lows of what has been a ‘strategically organic’ journey in establishing a new school, and in so doing explore the many forms of exchange that have aided the process. The role of space, as ‘built pedagogy’, will also feature, as spatial interventions at the school have played a significant role in the creation of a school for today – and tomorrow.

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