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Future-Focused Education: Leadership in Modern Learning Environments

Mark Osborne, Senior Advisor Future-focused Education, CORE Education, New Zealand

Many new learning environments promote and support a range of pedagogies, including ‘delivering’, ‘applying’, ‘creating’, ‘communicating’ and ‘decision-making’. They support strengths-based teaching and can offer greater flexibility, openness and access to resources. Educators can be part of a robust, continuously improving community of practice, where inquiries are shared, interventions devised collaboratively and reflections based on both self and peer observations. However, these opportunities may not be realised if there is a misalignment between the learning space, curriculum, pedagogy, assessment and technology.

In this workshop you will learn about building leadership capability and adjusting pedagogical practice to use new spaces to their full potential.

This page last updated: Monday 8 February 2016