Exchange was the theme of our 16th annual regional conference. You can view the highlights here.

The conference was set up as a marketplace for ideas exchange, and asked:

  • What do educators have to exchange with designers?
  • What do designers have to exchange with educators?
  • What do students have to exchange with us all?
  • How should we be allocating our resources to support learning in a contemporary world?
  • Who leads exchange?
  • Why exchange?

Exchange assumed:

  • Change is happening now: and you want to be part of it.
  • Change needs to continue: and you are the champions.
  • Change is a form of growth: if we don’t grow we regress.
  • Change is a process: it doesn’t happen all at once.
  • Change needs to be managed: because the development of ideas takes time

Conference Photographer: Aaron Macguire Productions